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What to Do When Your Rosin Breaks

My inwardly shattered rosin and my tin for storing broken rosin pieces.


This cry might not have been uttered from your mouth for a nail driven into you if you’re also a violin player like me. Rather, it might have been for a container of rosin that slipped out of your hand, fell onto the ground, and shattered itself. The next thing you know is that you’re kneeling on the ground, trying to pick up individual pieces.

Or maybe your rosin doesn’t break into pieces right away. My rosin was shattered from the inside but still pretty much whole on the outside. I could see that reflected light from the break shining through the surface of the rosin.

Be honest—we’ve all had these circumstances. Now, the question is, “How to deal with my broken pieces? Should I throw them away?”

Absolutely not! If you saw my picture at the top of this blog post, you’ll see that I keep all of my scraps in a tin. I would recommend you to use a metal container like what I got, because you need to melt your scraps after you have accumulated a lot. This idea was my dad’s; he looked up the Internet and saw that rosin scraps can be melted into larger chunks. According to what he told me, you would take a piece of aluminum foil, line your metal container with it, heat it somehow (but don’t use a lighter unless you want it to explode!), wait for it to cool down, and voila! However, since we hadn’t done it before, please check this process out further on the Internet before proceeding. I am not responsible for any injuries occurred.

I don’t have a whole lot in my tin right now, and I’ll have to wait a bit for more of my rosin to crumble before trying the above process.

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